What our Customers say...


I had the awful experience of a fire in my childhood home. SERVPRO has done an awesome job of cleaning up and taking out the damaged materials. Ishmael and his crew were very courteous and professional throughout the process. He kept me updated on their progress and was always available to answer any questions I had. This was a very difficult time and it was a blessing to have someone who showed kindness and understanding. Thanks so much for everything.

SERVPRO was an answer to my prayers! I am beyond thankful for the amazing job they did in my basement! I could not ask for better results and the crew was so wonderful & professional. I HIGHLY recommend this company! God bless these folks!!!

Thank you for your professional service.

The staff of SERVPRO whom I dealt with were knowledgeable, caring, and truthful. I was told exactly what to expect, along with an explanation, and I appreciated the honesty. Don't Change! I will not hesitate to recommend SERVPRO.

SERVPRO's communication and explanations were excellent. They acted super fast and extremely well to my disastrous situation. They took care of removing personal items with caution care, and expertise. They had a great attitude, were very helpful, and definitely knew what they were doing.

SERVPRO did the repairs to my neighbors house and he was very pleased with their quality of work. They had his roof tarped in the night of the storm and had the roof repaired in no time.

Great service and kind people! Will call them anytime I have an issue and need cleanup!

What a wonderful staff you have. We had a small fire on Thanksgiving day, and the guys from SERVPRO responded immediately. 

Thank you so much for taking time away from your families on this special day to take care of us!

Responded quickly all the service pros were friendly and professional completely satisfied.

We had a 20-year-old clothes washer to malfunction and wound up flooding part of our laundry room, bedroom, and hallway. Called SERVPRO the next day and they gave me an assessment later that morning. My carpet has been salvaged and the seal plates in the walls were properly treated for mold infestation. The two technicians were very professional and courteous, and politely explained each process while working at our house. Soon everything will look like new again and I'm glad I called SERVPRO. Thanks!

Monica was excellent! She met us immediately and got a crew started right away. Cleanup was faster and better than expected! I highly recommend using their services if you have an emergency!!

We had some water problems on December15 our basement got flooded our insurance company called SERVPRO for us this company got to our house in record time had the water cleaned up put out fans to help drying the rug they called every day and came out every day to check on everything if you have any problems do not hesitate to contact this company they are wonderful if we have any more issues we will be using them again Thank you so much SERVPRO.

We had severe damage to our home from straight line winds. Our agent sent SERVPRO in to survey the damage and begin the cleanup up process. 

With more than half the roof off of my house, and major damage inside, SERVPRO had all of my belongings quickly cleaned up, and packed up for safe storage.

They did everything from the move out, to the clean up, drying, and build back. It was so nice to have one company to handle everything, especially with such professionalism. 

My hot water heater busted the day before Thanksgiving. I called two different companies and SERVPRO was the only one who showed up to give me a estimate. Zac walked me through the process and let me know what to expect. I was impressed with how quick they got started with the work and how smooth everything went with state farm adjuster. I hate it happened, but I feel like it went as well as it could have.

What a great group of professionals! Courtesy, given to those in times of need and will work great with you to get you back to where you need to be. Not an easy job when you are already overwhelmed with choices and decisions and so, so many details of repair. Thank you for caring for us!!

We had to call SERVPRO Chattooga, Dade and West Walker out on a busted water heater, they got there within the hour, to assist with drying out to prevent mold. They kept us up to date and were very friendly, We will use again for sure. but hopefully not too soon! :)

This is a great team focused on serving their customers and their community.

5 Stars!

5 Stars!

Our project chief, Charles Head, was amazing. He was meticulous, hard-working, grateful and kind, and he was completely trustworthy. We could not have been more pleased with him and his crew. I do not have one complaint with these men! Not one! If they were local, I would be recommending them to anyone I knew that needed these services. And, there was another man working with Charles from Alabama and I hate that I have forgotten his name. But, please look up who was with Charles on that trip!  That man was quiet and have several kids, and such a hard worker!  From the moment they arrived to the moment they left each night, they did a great job. I have no idea how they kept up their pace. But, I am thankful for all the work they put in for the sake of my parents.

 I know that it took a lot for these men to be away from home for so long. And, I know that bosses usually only hear the not perfect reports. But, I want you to know that you have a wonderful team that represented your company so very well. The process of recovering is hard enough after such an event. It is physically taxing, but also very emotional. So it is important to me that you know that they made both of those burdens lighter! Their work was what they were hired for and they deserve high marks for a job well done. But, their attitudes are really what makes them stand out. 

Thank you for the excellent work. And, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for sending these nice men to help!

I would like to send my compliments to the team that came to Houston after Hurricane Harvey hit.  My parents in Spring, Texas, had 5.5 feet of water in their home from Harvey. They had used SERVPRO in a previous flood, so they called SERVPRO immediately. The team, Matt Pozak and his partner, Jake, were sent to us. Not knowing this team from out of state, we were initially anxious to not be working with a local team. However, they immediately set our minds at ease!  They were tremendous at getting everything covered. They were compassionate towards my parents, and also were thorough, responsive, pleasant and personable. These were all characteristics that set the tone for a wonderful remediation experience. They even somehow got our job started earlier than originally quoted. This was an incredible relief to all of us! Looking back now, I am so thankful that we had this team instead of any other team, local or out of state!!

I used SERVPRO before and they did the job very well. I was pleased with the job.

We Used your service about 8 yrs ago through State farm on our Out building (Garage Apt) Due to MAJOR water pipe damage! Y'all gutted it, cleaned out cleaned up,, DID GREAT JOB

SERVPRO truly made it "Like it never even happened." They cleaned my house and my things, cleaned my laundry, and rebuilt all the damaged rooms. Great to only have to deal with one company for a project like mine!

I didn't even know we had a SERVPRO close to me. I was so happy when I called my agent and he recomended I call SERVPRO as I was famiiar with their commercials. Great to be able to work with a reputable company in such a small town.

Dear Matt and Team,

I know your work is business as usual, for flood recovery, but we know it is surely hard on y'all to be away from home and dealing with such stressful people and situations. So we just wanted to acknowledge the human kindness that is behind your hearts of dedication. We very much appreciate your availability, expertise, and professionalism throughout our ordeal. You've all gone well beyond the extra mile. Please share this note. We LOVE SERVPRO,

Sincerely, Linda and Louis Cart

SERVPRO's communication and explanations were excellent. They acted super fast and extremely well to my disastrous situation. They took care of removing personal items with caution care, and expertise. They had a great attitude, were very helpful, and definitely knew what they were doing.

The teams that responded to her call were above and beyond wonderful, professional, courteous and friendly and the fact that they were young men was especially impressive to her. She said "You just don't see that much anymore". She has a son and 3 daughters and said that she hoped that they would give that kind of attention and kindness to persons that they may help. It was not the first time she had a water occurrence but that this company and the teams we have were the Best!

Had it not been for Matt, a whole string of things would not have happened. Mr. Logan stated that he will be sending business to SERVPRO because Matt went that extra mile and helped him when he needed it most. He was able to close on the house in the time he wanted and is very grateful for the assistance.

I hired SERVPRO to clean my HVAC ductwork after seeing their ad on Facebook. I have seen other ads for less money, but when those companies came out to provide an estimate, it was substantially higher, almost like a bait and switch. SERVPRO's over the phone estimate was on spot with the final bill and I couldn't be happier with the results.

What an awesome job SERVPRO of Chattooga, Dade, and West Walker Counties did while remodeling my home after my recent mold damage. I knew that these were the guys to turn to for mold, but I had no idea they were licensed to remodel my home. Such a great experience to have one company that can handle the whole job!

David was very informative every step of the way. We have had several projects done on our home, but I have to say, that David and the SERVPRO crew were by far the most professional, and courteous to our home and belongings. Keep up the great work!

SERVPRO could not have been any more professional in my home. They called me each day to update me on how everything was going, made sure my insurance agent knew what was going on, and truly did leave everything, "Like it never even happened.®" I would highly recommend to all my friends and family.

Our hot water heater busted spilling water throughout our entire living space. I couldn't believe water could cause that much damage and was at a complete loss as to what to do. Our insurance company told us to call SERVPRO and they were onsite within an hour. The project took about 3 days, but they truly did make it like it never even happened!

We had a grease fire on the week before Christmas. The whole house was damaged by smoke, leaving us to scramble to try and find where the family was going to spend Christmas. We called SERVPRO of Chattooga, Dade, and West Walker Counties and not only did they begin work that day, they worked through the weekend in order to get us back in our home by Christmas Eve. We were able to celebrate Christmas with our family at our home, and it was cleaner than ever!

Great job on the cleanup! We had sewage back up in our home. The site and smell were unbearable. The guys at SERVPRO should be blessed many times over for the work they do. Our house was like new again and I couldn't be happier with their services.

We had a water damage at our home a few years ago. We thought we got all of the water up, but years later, we both began feeling sick. We called SERVPRO of Chattooga, Dade, and West Walker Counties up to come and provide a mold inspection. Sure enough, we had mold. SERVPRO not only cleaned the mold, but communicated with us throughout the entire process giving us peace of mind. Great job guys!!

We were on vacation when we got the call from our neighbor that our home was on fire. We had used SERVPRO of Chattooga, Dade, and West Walker Counties in the past for a water damage, and they were the first company that came to mind when we learned we had a fire. From start to finish, SERVPRO treated us like family and made the whole process so much easier to cope with. I couldn't be happier with the final results!

We had a large water damage on or building that is over 5000 square feet. The guys arrived less than an hour after we called them and immediately took over. When we came in the next morning, we couldn't have been more impressed by how clean everything was, and the amount of equipment they had helping us to dry everything out. I can't say enough about their fast, professional response and the ability to get the job done!