Water Damage Photo Gallery

Little Velo Dryers

Little Dryers!

Drying A Small Space...

This loss came as a result of a refrigerator supply line busting. The homeowner tried to clean the water, but the water never stopped coming. SERVPRO came in, assessed the situation, and laid down the drying equipment seen in the above photo. We were in and out of the house in less than a week and customer was very appreciative of our work!

Flooded Basement

Water Damage

Drying The Floors

This before and after of a flooded basement was a result of a broken supply line. The water line that supplied the refrigerator broke and water began running to the lower levels of the home. As you can see in the photo, at some points the water was 1/2 an inch deep. SERVPRO was able to come in and dry this home. We were in and out within a week and our customer was very pleased with the results!

Upstairs Bathroom Went Through Floor


"Busted pipes" is the name of the game this year. Recently, there has been an onslaught of pipes busting due to extremely low temperatures. There are a few precautions one can take to prevent pipes freezing, but sometimes accidents occur. In this case, an upstairs supply line froze and leaked through the floor. From the photo you can tell the water built up in the ceiling and fell along with light fixtures and insulation. 

Busted Pipes - Wet Floor

Footprints In The Carpet!

Our customer was ready to get this problem taken care of immediately! While the customer was away over the weekend, the hot water heater had busted. The extent of the damage reached many rooms including the basement. During the winter months, busted pipes become an increasingly prominent issue. SERVPRO has written a blog on precautions to take preventing freezing pipes in your home or business. The link to that blog is linked here!

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Frozen Pipes

2018 Started Off Cold

In the first week of the year, temperatures hovered under the danger zone for frozen pipes. With temperatures under 20 degrees Fahrenheit, pipes are heavily at risk of freezing. In this case, we arrived on the job to water being spread throughout the home from a busted pipe. The busted pipe originated in an unfinished attic. During winter, there are some precautions to take to prevent frozen pipes. See our tips here. The water damage reached two floors and affected multiple rooms.

Leaky Hot Water

Hot Water in The City

This was a result of a loss coming from the hot water heater. Three rooms were affected by the leak. We had to remove the flooring and move in air movers to dry the area! The basement below was not affected and we were able to contain the issue to the original three rooms. The owner was very pleased with our work as we ensured the mess looked like "it never even happened."

Pipe Leakage

When The Commode Explodes

This wet ceiling was the result of an upstairs bathroom pipe seal leakage. In addition to flooding the upstairs bathroom, the leak extended down to the ceiling of the lower floor. We were in and out in a week ensuring the owner would be taken care of in a timely manner!

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Water Damaged Floor

Kitchen Floor Water Damage

This photo is a part of an ongoing project! This problem is a result of a broken supply line to a kitchen sink. There was significant residual water damage on the floor. We are currently working on this project to ensure we make this problem "Like it never even happened."

Water Damage-Trenton Georgia

This was the aftermath of a busted supply line on the 3rd floor of a home we restored. This home was in the process of being placed on the market for sale when this happened.

Needless to say, the homeowner was distraught and needed help. We were able to properly dry the structure according to IICRC standards within 4 days. Because the extent of the damage was so large, and the home was vacant at the time the loss occurred, some structural materials had to be removed.

We also performed the rebuild services on this home, and after 4 weeks from start to finish, the home was put on the market and sold within one week.